Why we decided to get into the goggle business, besides the fact we know a ton about them
Problems we have personally had with the big name goggle companies

We are skiers and boarders who got tired of dealing with all of the goggle issues. Here’s what can go wrong with goggles, all true stories:
You just got your brand new really nice expensive frameless goggles and it’s time to hit the trees, perfect snow, and what happens ... a low flying branch puts a huge scratch in those beautiful big new lenses. Try to get replacement lenses, have fun!

Dan’s son, 16 yrs old, gets a $100 pair of those really nice brand-name goggles, and of course Jacob wears a helmet. Within 2 months, the strap tore away from the goggles (we’ll find these and post a picture soon). The maker said “Abuse, your son was obviously pulling to hard on his goggles when removing them from his helmet. WOW, $100 goggles and they would not stand behind them. At GoggleOutlet you will NEVER have this problem!

Last season, Jody, Dan and a few others saw a pair of goggles fall from the lift, we scooted over and picked them up for the kid so no one would steal them. They looked brand new and really expensive. For fun (and to help this kid) we all waited about 10 minutes for him. When he came down we asked “looking for these?”. WOW did his face light up in excitement as he was sure his new $125 Christmas-present goggles were gone. Great he got them back, but no reason to spend $125 to get great goggles!


Why the goggle business

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